8 Surprising Benefits of Jump Rope

Whether you’re working from home, coming back from the office, or just casually relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, there will always be time for jump rope!

Rope skipping is an excellent way to get involved in physical activity no matter who or where you are!

Here are 8 surprising health benefits of jump rope:

Burns calories
Ten minutes of rope-skipping can roughly be considered the equivalent of running for 30 minutes. Since the impact of each jump is absorbed by both legs, rope-skipping could actually have lower risks for knee damage than running itself!
What Burns More Calories: Jump Rope Vs. Treadmill! - YouTube

Improves coordination, focus, and stamina
This rapid yet rhythmically controlled activity gets your blood pumping, transporting oxygen and nutrients to your brain for mental focus and heightened alertness. Rope skipping is an ideal activity for you to also train coordination alongside your focus and staying driven towards achieving your goal (whether it may be in jump rope or in life)!

Reduces risk of injury
Rope skipping involves a full-body workout that enhances your dexterity, muscle strength, and flexibility. Hence, your body will become more resilient to the demands of physical activities and become less susceptible to injury.

Improves Heart health
Continuous engagement in jump rope has shown to provide improvements to cardiovascular health in participants of all age ranges. In other words, you will come to find that over time you will be able to engage in longer physical activity and becoming less and less out of breath each time.

Improves mental health
Skipping rope in a moderate-intensity could also help reduce anxiety and depression. 
When you engage in physical exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins.
Endorphins trigger a euphoric feeling in the body, releasing tension. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that also in turn reduce your perception of pain. Therefore, you could develop a higher tolerance for pain and fatigue when engaging in regular rope skipping.

Increases bone density
Several scientific journals have shown that rope-skipping can facilitate the increase in bone density and protect against osteoporosis as well!

Tones muscles: abs, quads, & glutes
Jump-rope involves a full body workout and therefore strengthens multiple muscles across your body. You may begin to see changes in your posture, the tone of your muscles, and overall strength!

Immune system
Moderate exercise can promote the internal circulation and the endocrine and immune system of the human body. Hormones in your body can be reset to physiologically appropriate levels, such as the ones associated with stress and sleep. These in turn help your body to rest and repair itself as well as build up immunity against infections and diseases.

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