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10ft DEFY Licorice Freestyle Rope

  • HKD: $155.36
  • GBP: £14.37
  • EUR: $16.84
  • AUD: $27.21
  • SGD: $27.07
  • TWD: $558
  • MYR: $84.36
  • PHP: $999.20
Level: Medium Advanced to Advanced The Licorice Rope is meant for advanced jumpers as it is lightweight and speedy. Unlike the beaded ropes, this rope requires a high level of control, therefore it is not recommended for beginners. For people who are looking for a challenge, looking to increase their jump rope speed and perform more professional tricks, this rope is for you.    Specifications Length: 10 foot, 3 meters  Rope Type: PVC Handle Type: Long Handle Colour: Black Rope Colour: White