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10ft Heavy Beaded Jump Rope

  • HKD: $232.55
  • GBP: £21.21
  • EUR: $24.64
  • AUD: $37.66
  • SGD: $39.55
  • TWD: $833
  • MYR: $121.16
  • PHP: $1,457.21
Name 10ft Heavy Beaded Jump Rope
Length 10ft
Handle Type Long Handle
Bead Type
Heavy Bead
Handle Colour Black
Bead Colour Black, White, ROJU Blue, ROJU Green
Usage Basic Skills Training/ New Skills Learning
Recommended for Leisure, Fitness Beginners
Features Bead Weight Adjusted for Muscle Memory Enhancement – Learning gets Easier More Durable Length Adjustable Fashionable Colour Combination Tutorials Available
For leisure and fitness beginners, we would recommend you to take the Heavy Beads Rope. Heavy Beaded Rope is tailor-made for beginner that the heavy beaded rope is able to enhance the muscle memory of the learner. Meanwhile, the learners can feel the rotation and tension of rope that enhance the beginner muscle memory. With the ease of rope manipulation, beginners can coordinate turning with jumps a lot easier.

10ft Licorice Freestyle Rope

  • HKD: $155.01
  • GBP: £14.14
  • EUR: $16.43
  • AUD: $25.10
  • SGD: $26.36
  • TWD: $555
  • MYR: $80.76
  • PHP: $971.31
Name 10ft Licorice Freestyle Rope
Length 10ft
Handle Type Long Handle
Rope Type
PVC Cord
Handle Colour Black
Cord Colour White
Single Rope Freestyle, Double Under Training
Recommended for Single Rope Freestyle
Features PVC Cord, specially modified for Durablility under Low Temperature Tested under low temperature Flexible and Durable Newly designed bushings for smooth turning

10ft Light Beaded Jump Rope

  • HKD: $193.78
  • GBP: £17.67
  • EUR: $20.53
  • AUD: $31.38
  • SGD: $32.96
  • TWD: $694
  • MYR: $100.96
  • PHP: $1,214.26
Name 10ft Light Beaded Jump Rope
Length 10ft
Handle Type Long Handle
Bead Type
Light Bead
Handle Colour Black
Bead Colour Black, White, ROJU Blue, ROJU Green
Usage Basic Skills Training/ Multiple Skills Learning
Recommended for Multiple Freestyle Beginners/ Beginners
Features Extra Light Beads Length Adjustable
After the harnessing the level 1 or 2 basic single skills as well as basic sprint, the learners can switch to use single light beaded rope of easier learning of a variety of multiples skills. The light beads cause a smaller weight of the whole rope, therefore, the jumper can use less effort the turn the rope in order to create the same velocity which is required in multiples or multiple tricks.
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Learn 500+ jump rope skills
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