From Muscle Building To GettingLean, Jump Rope Satisfies All Your Wants

Many may think that jump rope trains and builds mainly our leg muscles, as we use our legs to jump! As a matter of fact, that’s not the whole picture, jump rope requires much more of our body muscles than you can imagine! For example, core, lats, arms, shoulders. Continue reading to know more about how jump rope helps you get lean and to build muscle!

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Apart from our leg muscles, we very much use our arms while jumping rope. If you wish to strengthen your hand grip and arm, try to use a heavier rope to enhance the difficulty and intensity. (Click to get heavy beaded rope)  This is particularly effective for training your forearms. Also, doing tricks like double unders also require more strength from your arms to complete the trick!

In the meantime, you frequently use your core while jumping rope. You may not have noticed this, but our body intentionally uses this part of muscles to stabilize our body. Lirjon Fisniku, a personal trainer based in Chicago, explained that a straight and rigid core allows efficient transfer of strength between our lower and upper body. And can also protect our back from impact forces associated with landing.  

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When it comes to thighs and hips, it might be a part concerned by most females as they are places where fats are easily accumulated especially for women.Yes, jump rope helps train your thighs and hips muscles which may also help burning fat. Fisniku again says that your glutes and hamstrings e.t.c. are working when jumping. As you straighten your knees and hips to catch the air, you need to have control of them, meaning that you are consistently training these parts of muscles whenever you jump. Therefore, it helps not only to build muscles there but also to burn fat while jumping rope.

As obvious as it seems, jumping rope primarily uses our calves. We have to rely on them to jump in order to let the rope pass through underneath us.  And our calves are engaged in a variety of ways as we are doing different tricks and drills. Some require lifting our legs higher while some require less. Undeniably, jump rope actively involves our calf muscles, and is effective in training our calf muscles.

When your muscles feel the burn while jumping rope, it is a good sign that you are using them! So do not give up too easily at this point! However, also be alert not to overdo it since they will get hurt. Listen to your body and remember to do stretching thoroughly after you have done your jump rope workout. Do not overlook this small step because it means a lot in cooling down your body and avoiding you suffering from cramp. 

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