6 Reasons To Put Down Your Phone And Start Jumping Rope Now

1. Effective in burning calories

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Have you ever searched articles about burning calories? And also finding what kinds of exercise burn the most? Most of the time running is one of those options. Yet, what you may not know is jumping rope actually burns more calories than running! 

John A. Baker at Arizona State University led a study by gathering 92 male students and divided them into two groups. One group of students skipped 10-minute a day while the other jogged 30-minute a day. Six weeks later, results have shown that a 30-minute jog has an equal level of improvement in cardiovascular efficiency to a 10-minute rope jumping. This means that jumping rope for 10 minutes can already burn an equivalent amount of calories to a 30 minutes run! 

2. Full body exercise

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The very first thought you may have in mind is “Jump rope requires your leg, isn’t it?”. Yes, of course! But it actually requires more of your body parts than you expected! For instance, apart from jumping with your leg, your core is needed to stabilize your body, legs and arms for turning and controlling the rope. Exercising your full body is of paramount importance especially amidst the pandemic, because you probably have to stay home all day long due to work from home, and you have lost chances utilizing different parts of your body!

3. Improve cardiovascular health

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Jumping rope is a good cardiovascular exercise which helps to not only burn calories, but also to improve and maintain your cardiovascular health. As jump rope is an exercise of strenuous intensity, your heart and lungs have to work harder compared to normal situations. Then the oxygen and blood flow throughout our body increases. As a result, this vigorous activity will challenge internal body organs e.g. heart, lungs, and thus improve their function and performance.

4. Improve your physical health

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Apparently, jumping rope helps improve physical strength in terms of enhancing coordination, muscular strength, bone density, increasing body flexibility, and even decreasing body fat. To illustrate, as you have to use different parts of your body while jumping rope, you need to coordinate them to form a complete action. Therefore, jump rope helps train your coordination. And that a study from Journal of Applied Physiology found that young women who jumped 10 times per day, three times per week. After six months, their bone mineral density has increased. So, jumping rope is beneficial to our health in different aspects.

5. Makes you smarter

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Believe it or not, jumping rope makes you smarter in terms of developing the left and right hemisphere of your brain. With reference to the Jump Rope Institute, such development of your brain can hence increase your spatial awareness and make you more alert. Besides, you can even improve your comprehension skills and even memory!

6. Affordable exercise to start with

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Unlike many other sports, jump rope does not require much of the equipment e.g. swimming goggles, swimsuits, tennis rackets, you name it! Starting to jump rope requires basically a rope, and that a rope is definitely much easier to find. With a large range and variety of ropes in the market, you can choose any you like! More importantly, jump rope is an exercise that you can do at home! You don’t have to pay for a gym, nor to book a venue, nor to pay to enter some swimming pools! Isn’t this a good option?











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