Benefits You May Not Know That Cardio Brings To Us

Very often do we hear the word “cardio”, and it very likely comes with words like “burn calories”, “lose weight”, “lose fat” and so on. Yet, do you really know why cardio is good and important, to our health, in particular? How are they different from other workouts like aerobics? Let’s dig deeper here!

1. Helps you lose weight

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Cardio exercises require large muscle groups, for example, your legs, and also respiration, meanwhile, your heart rate increases. As your heart rates increase, you start to burn calories. And as Jumping rope is good cardio because it requires your full body to workout. For instance, you jump with your leg, and your core is needed to stabilize your body, legs and arms for turning and controlling the rope. The result will be more significant if you combine cardio exercises with a nutritional diet!

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In the meantime, as many describe jump rope as a “killer” cardio workout that not only effectively helps raise your heart rates, but also helps you sweat, improve your coordination, here is a tutorial for you to follow and start losing weight!

2. Improve cardiovascular health

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As mentioned above, while doing cardio exercising, your heart rate increases. The higher your workout intensity, the harder your heart and lungs have to work. The oxygen and heart blood flow throughout your body also increases, thus challenging internal body organs like heart, lungs. As a result, the function and performance are also improved. Being an activity with strenuous intensity, jump rope should definitely be in your list of cardio exercises!

Try jump rope to improve your cardiovascular health!

3. Strengthen your immune system

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With reference to Health, a scientific review in the Journal of Sport and Health Science have found that exercise can actually improve your immune response, lowers illness risk and reduce inflammation. And while the research focused on moderate to high intensity exercises like jump rope, hiking, dancing. By doing cardio exercises, our blood flow and oxygen flow also increases while our muscles contract, the circulation of immune cells also increase simultaneously, causing them to roam the body at a higher rate. Yet, it is important to keep doing exercise, especially cardio, consistently. Because the response from your immune system may eventually go away.

4. Reduces stress level 

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Apart from our physical health, we should also take into consideration our psychological health. By focusing on the rhythm of our movements, for instance beats while jumping rope, rhythm while running, they serve as a kind of meditation! To be more scientific, endorphins, the “feel-good” neurotransmitters, are produced in our brain when we are exercising. Therefore, many experience the happiness and sense of well-being after exercising.




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