6 Trivia Most People Don’t Know about Jump Rope

Jump rope is such a well-known sport among people around the world that it must have taken up part of our childhood game ideas, maybe during recess or PE lessons at school, or maybe just a random freetime playing at home. We can simply do it anytime and anywhere as long as we have a rope with us! However, do you really know what kind of sport it is? Read on for interesting facts about jump rope.

1. The origin of jump rope is still a mystery

There are two main streams of stances regarding its origin. One thinks jump rope was invented by Egyptians while the other believes that it originated from China. The former stance thinks it can be dated back to 1600 A.D. that the Egyptians made use of vines and flexible bamboos as the rope to perform rope skipping. The latter considers Chinese as they invented it for the celebration of New Year.  What do you think?

2. Girls could not enjoy jump rope in the past

During the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly in Europe and America, most girls were unable to enjoy skipping the rope. Obvious as it may seem, girls were not expected to engage in physically active activities as rope skipping. In case they get hurt, their ankles might have to be revealed and that was considered rather risqué at that time. Therefore, boys were the one who mainly jumped the rope.

“Holiday Sports on a Man-of-War — Sailors Jumping Rope” c.1875 wood engraving by Joseph Becker
Photo credit: https://www.thecannachronicles.com/skip-to-the-hemp-my-darling/

3. Jump rope can make you smarter

Believe it or not, jumping the rope makes you smarter in terms of developing the left and right hemisphere of your brain. With reference to the Jump Rope Institute, such development of your brain can hence increase your spatial awareness and make you more alert. What’s more, you can even improve your comprehension skills and even memory! 

Photo credit: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/children-sport_4158640.htm#page=1&query=jump%20rope&position=24

4. The longest marathon skipping is 33 hours and 20 minutes

Joey Motsay from the United States (Greensboro) achieved the longest marathon skipping of 33 hours and 20 minutes. The feat took place between 4 and 5 December, 2009. Without taking a break, the fitness trainer Motsay succeeded and raised $38,000 for a children’s charity, Smile Train. Can you imagine him jumping constantly for more than a whole day?

Photo credit: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/longest-marathon-skipping

5. The highest record of skips done with ONE foot in 30 seconds is 144

Meanwhile in India, Himanshu Prajapati from Lucknow has marked a record of 144 skips in just 30 seconds on 20 February, 2020. But that’s not all! The record is created with just one foot!

Unfortunately, there is no photo online showing the record holder. Lets see the below video how the previous record holder did his rope skip just one foot!

6. The difference between “Jump rope” and “Chinese jump rope” is not just “Chinese”

With the word “Chinese”, it can be an entirely different game! Chinese jump rope uses elastic, most commonly, as the rope. It also requires two other players to stand on the opposite sides and hold the rope in a rectangular configuration (as shown in the photo). Then, the jumper will have to perform designated steps in and out of the rectangle while the rope is being raised on each successive jump.

Photo credit: https://www.amightygirl.com/chinese-jump-rope









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