Why do you keep whipping yourself while jumping rope?

Are you constantly whipped by your rope, especially while doing double unders? Then you get annoyed and frustrated, why do you get whipped so easily? You tried hard to avoid that but why does it still always happen to you? We have some suggestions for you to prevent you from being whipped too fiercely.

1. Don’t expand your elbows while jumping

Try to lock your elbows on both sides, sometimes we get excited and our arms go up, therefore causing the rope to become shorter. Shorter rope means higher probability of getting tripped because we are not jumping high enough too. As a result, we may not only get tripped but also whipped. So, try to maintain the height of your elbows, be conscious not to let it flail while jumping rope.

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2. Keep the rhythm

Rhythm is one of the keys when it comes to jump rope. Keeping the rhythm allows you to have in mind when to jump so you won’t jump too early or too late. Then, you can avoid being whipped by your rope. To maintain the rhythm, you can count numbers, or make use of songs to count the rhythm. But be aware not to choose those fast pace songs ! You will definitely exhaust yourself and may get even more whips!

3. Your feet shouldn’t stand too apart

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This may be particularly common among jump rope starters. We tend to widen our stance while trying to balance our body. However, you are more likely to get tripped and hence whipped.  So, be conscious of yourself when you jump rope, remind yourself every time not to stand too apart. 

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4. Is your rope too long for you?

Photo Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/man-retro-sport-outfit-holding-jumping-rope-hand_8225383.htm#page=2&query=jump+rope&position=65

Regarding the length of the rope, if it is too long, you are less likely to have good control of it, therefore causing you to repeatedly whip yourself in the head, arms, ankles or wherever possible. So, the point is, what is the good length of your rope? First, step on the middle of the rope and then pull it straight. Excluding the handle, the rope should reach your armpits. This will be the ideal length.

Despite all the above-mentioned, at the end of the day, there are some situations and times we simply cannot avoid getting whipped. These are some practical scenarios that could lead to whipping. Whips are part of the jump rope in a sense that they mark our efforts right?



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