Choosing the Workout That Best Suits You

We know it is hard to control ourselves from enjoying the good foods in the world because we only live once – if that is your motto in life. Then the best option is to work out more intensively to increase your output, not harshly, but in a healthy way. By saying workout, a lot of people have this misconception of needing to go to the gym, touching those greasy sweats on the fitness tools, and in turn, feel out-of-the place watching other people doing professionally. In contrast, you have no idea on what to do with the equipment. Let’s be honest. Hitting the gym can be effective, but it is definitely not the only option. If you are not a gym person like me, it does not mean that you can’t get your little exercise that is as effective (if not more) as hitting the gym. One advantage of this is you will even get to enjoy every second you spend on your weight loss journey. Making yourself love the workout, rather than hate, can help you get active more often as it will be something that you look forward to every single day. Isn’t that amazing?

Rope jumping is the one for you 

Definitely, there are many other workout activities that are far more creative than just staying inside the gym. Of all the workout activities available, have you thought of which one is best for you? Let me tell you: different workout activities play a different role in strengthening your body parts. For example, bicycling works with muscles in your lower body, volleyball readies the upper, yoga for flexibility and breathing. But as a great calorie-burner for weight loss purposes, rope jumping is definitely on the list.

What can rope jumping bring you?

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Rope jumping, as a known cardiovascular exercise for world-class athletes, is a full-body workout that keeps your body in shape by burning calories faster than most other activities. Compared to the other activities as shown below, rope jumping will give you the highest amount of calorie burn, with 335 calories for fast jumping and 503 calories for a more intensive speed in a 30-minute workout, which is also approximately 32% more effective than walking at a rate of 3.5 miles per hour. It also builds you better coordination, stronger bones, a lower injury risk, and improved heart health. Let us look at each of the items more carefully:

1. Reduce injury risk

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We also want to strengthen our body parts aside from burning our calories. Imagine, if your body joints are weak, then you will get injured very quickly while doing workouts, which may, in turn, affect your workout performance to achieve the weight loss purpose. Rope jumping can, at the same time, train your response to emergencies and actions in a more agile and alert manner, thus less likely to get hurt, especially in our minor day-to-day activities.

2. Stronger bone density

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Bone density is the determinant of your bone’s strength. The higher the density of your bone, the less likely it is to break and be fragile. Having a higher level of bone density also dramatically reduces the risks of bone diseases such as osteoporosis to be developed later in life. Rope jumping enables our bones to remodel to respond to the impact brought and to build denser bones for our body.

3. Improve heart health

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Some people mistake speeding up our heart rate as bad for our heart because it interrupts its cycle. Although jumping rope indeed gets your heart to pump faster, it is actually great for your cardiovascular system and overall heart health. Jumping rope enables us to have a fitter heart that pumps more oxygen and nutrients to deliver to the cells of our body that are essential for organs to function and avoid unwanted diseases that may arise in the future.

4. Builds coordination

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As mentioned, rope jumping can reduce the risk of injury. It is because it also builds up coordination among our body parts, just like you have to jump in coordination with the right time when your wrist rotates to a point to create a continuous jumping motion.

Not only those mentioned above, but your body will also be stimulated to continuously burn calories for days even after you stop exercising for three (3) days due to the lasting effect of exercising on your metabolism.

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