Rising fitness trend: Gain 240k+ fans in less than a year

Lockdown must have brought you some differences. Did you stop going to the gym? Did you sit in front of your desk for almost the entire day due to endless zoom meetings? Did you get to spend more time with your family? Did you pick up a new habit? Despite all these, one thing almost everyone has in common, is the concern for health. Yet, what do you do while staying at home just about the whole day? Jump rope will be an option you do not want to miss out.

Lauren Flymen, from St Albans, started to incorporate jump rope into her life in April 2020. As she said in her instagram biography “Lockdown made me jump”. In fact, Lauren’s wedding and honeymoon got postponed due to the pandemic. After wallowing in the feeling of pity for a few weeks, she randomly decided to buy a rope and start to skip. She then embarked her journey on jump rope by starting an instagram account. And amazingly, she has already gained 240k+ followers in less than a year by demonstrating her rapid progress and showing off her fabulous skills. 

What did Lauren actually do in her profile? Let’s dive in!

👉🏻Jump Rope to Lose Weight

Probably the very first thing people are curious about is whether jump rope can help lose weight. As Lauren has mentioned, the answer is “a million times YES”! To achieve weight loss, calorie deficit plays an important role. For instance, according to Medical News Today, to lose 1-2pounds per week, a person has to eat 500-1000 calories less than the number of calories their body needs. When your calories consumed is smaller than that of calories burned by doing exercises, then you are very likely to lose weight. Look at Lauren’s healthy body, what a goal!

👉🏻 Beginners’ Tips

By giving reminders, Lauren tells us what is the efficient way to learn to jump rope. For example, considering hand position, Lauren suggests relaxing your elbows and have them pointing behind you. Because having them touching your body will restrict your wrist movement, and will hence encumber the process of learning other tricks and building speed.

👉🏻 Step-by-step Tutorial

Another useful guide by Lauren is her step-by-step tutorial. You can clearly see the positions and movements of her legs, arms and hands. She also uploads the slow-mo of the video in case you cannot catch up with her fast speed. Once you have familiarised yourself with the steps by following and practicing, you can simply speed up!

👉🏻 Trip no more Tutorial

Please also take note that no worries if you tripped on the rope, everyone does! Just see what Lauren has for us to avoid this. The first tip she gave us is to widen our arms while jumping, so the length of the rope becomes shorter and can reduce the risk of tripping on it. Click into her profile for more tips!

👉🏻 Fancy Footwork Tutorial

After you are confident with your skills, try the fancy footwork! Lauren also gives tutorials on how to do these fancy footworks step-by-step. You can simply follow her clear guides and even figure out your own freestyle!

Increasing number of people are getting into jump rope across the globe. Not only does it help lose weight and to keep us healthy, it also gives us satisfaction while working and unlocking new tricks. So what are you waiting for? Grab a rope and start right now! More importantly, as Lauren always says towards the end of her video, “Have fun!”. 




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