Lauren Jumps’ Tips for Jump Rope Beginners

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGfXg7ps6Io/

Start skipping in April 2020, Lauren has started her journey with jump rope. She has posted over 290 posts on Instagram sharing jump rope techniques, tricks and tutorials to the world. We can all see her enthusiast and passion for jump rope. She has some jump rope tips for our beginners! Let’s see!

1. Basic Bounce Technique: Do not kick your feet back

As Lauren suggests, while you are jumping, do not kick your feet back. Instead, slightly bend your knees, your heels should not touch the ground and your toes should be pushing off the ground.

2. How to trip less

👉🏻 Do not widen your arms while jumping

If you widen your arms, this means that the length of the rope will be shortened and you are more likely to trip on it.

👉🏻 Check if your rope is too long for your hand position

Lauren suggested that “excess rope will drag or bounce on the ground”

👉🏻 Jump rope should not be too short

Obvious as it may seem, you do not want your rope to be too short since you will trip on it. Try to imagine, if our rope is too short, we tend to kick our feet back to adapt to the short length. Yet, as suggested by Lauren, we should not do so while jumping!

3.  Get a PVC rope and a beaded rope

PVC rope gives us speed while beaded rope will be better when learning new tricks. So get the two of them, depending on your purpose of jumping rope, you can switch between them.

4.  Your rope should not be too long

If your rope is too long for your, it will tangle easily. Therefore making it harder to exercise smoothly.

5.  “Don’t do too much too soon with jumping”

If you are too ambitious, that will give pressure to your body and joints. So, do not do too much, your joint will need to ease.

6.   Use a mat

Lauren suggests using a mat if you only have access to hard surfaces like concrete. Because mats that can absorb impact will be kinder to your joints!

7.   Do not jump too high

Same as the first point, you should not jump by kicking your feet back.

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