8 Jump Rope KOLs you should follow on IG for Jump Rope Workout

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Are you so distressed about quarantine and non-stop online meetings due to the coronavirus? Do you feel isolated from the outside world during lockdown? Wait! Have you also been isolated from the latest fitness trend of jumping rope? Rope skipping KOLs and influencers are on the rise!

The pandemic, apparently, has made people reluctant to go out. While gyms and sports centres are shut, what do we do to maintain a good health and nice body figure? Purchasing fitness equipment may not be a wise decision in the long term. Well, jumping rope is definitely an option that is convenient but also effective for you.

Gaining much attention and appreciation, these KOLs have not only shown their fancy and impressive but also fundamental skills and tutorials, catering to fans with different interests. Let’s have a look at these amazing jump rope KOLs.

1. lauren.jumps

Step-by-step footwork tutorial by Lauren makes the whole thing clearer and easier for you to follow!

Credit to: IG@lauren.jumps

2. skippingwithsarah

Meanwhile, Sarah has provided a tutorial especially for beginners doing 360 Turn. See what tips did Sarah give to do a nice turn!

Credit to: IG@skippingwithsarah

3. Jimmysaysrelax

If you are a beginner, you definitely want to see what tips Jimmy have for you to do a basic jump rope form. Tips are basic, but crucial!

Credit to: IG@jimmysaysrelax

4. nate_kg

Nate is a certified personal trainer who has been a competitive jumper for more than 10 years. He provides us with an array of combos to learn!

Credit to: IG @nate_kg

5. billy__werner

Billy is also a coach who often incorporates rope jumping into workouts. Build your body with him! 

Credit to: IG @billy__werner

6. steph.skips

KOLs might look effortless in their videos but we never know how much they have gone through behind the camera. See what did Steph come across this time? Let’s grab the rope and start right now!

Credit to: IG@steph.skips

7. jumpropesisters

Bex and Rach are the former world record holders. This time, they challenge us to do the most skips in 60 seconds. Basic jumps, fancy footwork.. it’s all up to you! Challenge accepted?

Credit to: IG @jumpropesisters

8. alysia.jumprope

Jumping rope is never an individual workout. If you feel a bit tedious doing alone, do a duet with your friends like Alysia!

Credit to: IG@alysia.jumprope

There are a lot of amazing KOLs apart from them. Challenge yourself from now on, grab your rope and be one of them! Share with us on your progress!

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