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ROJU is an all-in-one sports app, combining the elements of E-sports, Entertainment and online training.

Welcome to the Jump Rope World

Why jump rope? For a fun and engaging exercise routine that can be done anywhere, including the comfort of your home. 

At ROJU, we want to make sure your experience is special. From Step 1, we will guide you through all the jump rope skills to make sure that your jump rope journey is as enriching and rewarding as it can be.

Tracking your fitness routine

Track your jumps and your progress! See how many calories you burnt with a single workout session.

World-class Coaches

Learn how to be a master at jump rope with ROJU and show off your cool tricks! ROJU provides high-quality jump rope classes that have global athletes and world-class coaches as your mentors.

Learn fun and easy skills

Be able to do combinations after you have mastered the basic jumping skills!

Advance through rankings

As soon as you are able to master all the basic jump rope skills, you can take your combinations to the global stage and rank in the leadership ranking with our premium plan!

Suitable for everyone

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or if you’re very advanced at jump rope. We cover all levels of difficulty from 0.5-8, we want to make sure that you can find the skill that is suitable for you.

We want to be there for you, every step of the way. 
200+ Jump Rope Skills
ROJU app offers users 200+ free jump rope skills, workouts and combos. Try all levels of jump rope difficulty from 0.5-8. Learn how to jump rope with our basic beginner jump programme!


A variety of movement sets are tailored for each difficulty (Jump Rope Level 0.5-8), such as footwork, arm work, advanced cross, multiple, wrap, release, power, gymnastics and contest.



Combination of jump rope skills (e.g. footwork) and non-jump rope exercises (e.g. lunges).



Combinations of different types, and different levels of jump rope skills done consecutively.



The app offers a free beginner basic jump program that will teach you a combination of jump rope skills. For users who have no experience with jump rope whatsoever, they can advance to Level 1 upon completing this basic jump rope program. 

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Gamify your jump rope experience with ROJU!

Try the app’s jump rope skills, workouts and combos to collect medals and earn ROJU coins! You can also buy ROJU coins to make additional purchases for premium content!

Say hi to Team ROJU!
Team ROJU are our affiliates and the leaders of the ROJU community. From all around the globe, we scout and invite potential affiliates to onboard Team ROJU. If you are interested in learning more about the Team ROJU program, please check out our Team ROJU page.





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