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#tripisatrip Towel

  • HKD: $155.60
  • GBP: £14.44
  • EUR: $16.96
  • AUD: $27.23
  • SGD: $27.10
  • TWD: $556
  • MYR: $84.66
  • THB: $667.03
  • PHP: $1,012.09
The #tripisatrip towel is made of high-density polyester fabric which is absorbent and breathable. It ensures the greatest absorption for your practice! It is lightweight and portable, can be used in your house, outdoors, or anywhere else.

#tripisatrip Wristband

  • HKD: $77.76
  • GBP: £7.22
  • EUR: $8.48
  • AUD: $13.61
  • SGD: $13.54
  • TWD: $278
  • MYR: $42.31
  • THB: $333.35
  • PHP: $505.79
Body coordination is often an observed problem when starting jump rope. To better facilitate your experience, the wristband worn on either of your hand can serve as a guide for left-right directions.  This wristband is universal size, as it fits all ages, from kids to adults. It also absorbs sweat effectively, so not to worry about sweaty hands. Sweat on the hands might loosen your grip on the jump rope. Our wristband prevents that from happening.    Washing instructions: Place the wristband in a lingerie bag and then throw it into the washing machine. Remember to add some detergent!